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Best Performing Systematic Crypto Funds in 2020

Based on data of Barclay Hedge these were the top performing Systematic Crypto Funds in 2020 (out of 31 tracked funds):

Coincident Capital Master Fund 795.14% 127.40M

Lavaliere Capital Management, Lavaliere Capital 567.87% 2.90M

Pantera Capital Management, Pantera ICO Fund 559.69% 233.07M

Digital Asset Capital Management, DAF Liquid Venture Fund 471.36% 54.40M

Digital Asset Capital Management, Digital Asset Fund 431.01% 14.38M

Arca Investment Management, Arca Digital Assets Master Fund 373.73% 40.04M

SwissRex Crypto Fund 334.90% 37.33M

3iQ Corp., 3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund 316.83% 9.30M

Pantera Capital Management, Pantera Digital Asset Fund 291.37% 82.28M

Altana Wealth, Altana Digital Currency Fund (ADCF) 273.30% 55.39M

(Company, Crypto Fund, Monthly Performance in 2020, Assets under Management in US$)


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