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Best Performing Systematic Crypto Funds in July 2020

Based on data of Barclay Hedge these were the top performing Crypto Quants in July 2020:

Pantera Capital Management, Pantera ICO Fund 62.71% US$66.65million

Sarson Funds, Blockchain Momentum 35.25% 7.39million

Pantera Capital Management, Pantera Digital Asset Fund 35.11% 30.33million

Sarson Funds, Fifth Khagan 31.68% 6.59million

Altana Wealth, Altana Digital Currency Fund (ADCF) 28.13% 18.25million

Tradecraft Capital, Tradecraft Crypto Asset Fund 26.50% 1.40million

BXE Capital, Jagger Fund 24.99% 5.06million

Blockforce Capital, Blockforce Multi-Strategy Fund 24.32% 3.40million

Pantera Capital Management, Pantera Bitcoin Fund 24.08% 183.62million

Rivemont Investments, Rivemont Crypto Fund 22.05% 3.20million

(Company, Crypto Fund, Monthly Performance in July 2020, Assets under Management in US$)


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