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Biggest Crypto Currency Hedge Funds

Besides well known and very early crypto funds like Polychain Capital (founded in 2016 by Olaf Carlson-Wee, a prominent cryptocurrency fund manager who was initially the third employee to join Coinbase), Pantera Capital (founded by Dan Morehead; in 2014 it had shifted its focus to bitcoin and other digital currencies, having previously been primarily working with global macro hedge-fund investments) or Digital Currency Group (founded in 2015 by Barry Silbert; did over 130 investments in various projects and cryptocurrencies so far) there are a few interesting and emerging hedge funds fully focusing on trading crypto currencies.

Based on actual data from IASG Crypto and BarclayHedge some of the biggest crypto currency trading hedge funds are

- Pantera Capital located in Menlo Park (USA) with Pantera Bitcoin Fund -> US$139 AuM

- Crypto Fund located in Zug (Switzerland) with Systematic DLT Fund -> US$ 25M AuM

- Attis Capital located in New York (USA) with Attis Capital Crypto -> US$ 22M AuM

- Altana Wealth located in London (UK) with Altana Digital Currency Strategy -> US$ 17M AuM

- Cambrian Asset Management in Mill Valley (USA) with Cambrian Systematic Strategies -> US$ 8M AuM

- BKCoin Capital in New York (USA) with BKCoin Digital Asset Strategy -> US$ 6M AuM

- Sarson Funds in Indianapolis (USA) with Blockchain Momentum -> US$ 6M AuM

- Sarson Funds in Indianapolis (USA) with Fifth Khagan Strategy -> US$ 6M AuM

- Solidium Capital in Ljubljana (Slovenia) with Solidum Crypto Quant Strategy -> US$ 5M AuM

- Strix Leviathan in Seattle (USA) with Nest Fund I -> US$ 5M AuM

This list covers publicly available AuM data (last updated in June 2020). Please contact us for additions.


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