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Crypto Fund of Funds

CryptoFund.News has put together an overview of the most relevant crypto fund of funds*:

- AltAlpha Digital (Zurich, Switzerland) * NEW

- Protocol Ventures (San Francisco, USA)

- Aaro Capital (London, UK)

- L1 Digital (Zurich, Switzerland)

- Block Asset Management (Luxembourg)

- BitBull Capital (San Francisco, USA)

- Q21 Capital (Berlin, Germany)

- YRD Capital (London, UK)

- Odin88 (San Francisco, USA)

- Sygnum Bank (Zurich, Switzerland)

- Epoch Partners (Tokyo, Japan)

- Cambrial Capital (London, UK / evolved into a hedge fund hotel)

- Bixin (Beijing, China)

- 256 Capital (Sidney, Australia)

- NamNar Capital (New York, USA)

- Bletchey Park (Zug, Switzerland)

* Updated regularly (last update in March 2022).

Not all mentioned companies on the list all formally structured as a fund of fund but they all invest in crypto hede funds.

Please contact us for additions.


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